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Everyone notices an incredible smile and dazzlingly white teeth, but those features aren’t as far-off as you might think— cosmetic dentistry is more reliable and affordable than ever, and it works! If you have any imperfections or discolorations that are holding you back from the smile you want, the solution could be cosmetic dentistry.

People who undergo cosmetic procedures often find that they have substantial improvements in self-esteem and confidence, and it’s common for people from all walks of life to look for ways to improve their dental appearance. If you’re considering taking action to fix any issues with your teeth, you’re not alone—millions of people have already found treatment and incredible results.

It’s common to worry about the drawbacks of professional cosmetic dentistry, as it typically costs more than over the counter treatment or other more simple methods. However, if you’re looking for the greatest results in the shortest time, it’s by far the best choice. Additionally, professional cosmetic services typically last longer than the other options, meaning you won’t have to worry about your teeth for a substantial amount of time.


People are often reluctant to consider pursuing cosmetic treatment because they perceive it as being expensive and ineffective in comparison with home remedies or those available at supermarkets. However, cosmetic dentistry is often less expensive than you would expect, and its effects are both more noticeable and more durable than those of other methods.

Whether you want to look your best for a special event, or simply feel like your current appearance isn’t what you want it to be, you should consider cosmetic dentistry—a great smile is one of the first ingredients in self-confidence.

If you think you’re being held back by any dental imperfections, or simply the gradual discoloration that happens to everyone, there’s no reason to wait—asking your dentist about the treatment options available is the first step toward a better smile and a happier you.


The most obvious and well-known change people want to make to their teeth is simply making them look more white. Your teeth become discolored over time for a variety of reasons, including smoking and drinking dark liquids such as red wine and coffee.

Those looking for whiter teeth may choose to undergo treatment at home, or at a dentist’s office, especially if they’re looking for more drastic results. It’s generally a simple process, but it can have an incredible effect on your confidence and happiness in daily life.

Among teeth whitening treatments, the two main choices are bleaching gel and laser Zoom! bleaching. Bleaching gel can be found over the counter, or applied professionally at a dentist’s office. The over the counter version can be found in supermarkets and often comes in the form of strips to be applied to the top and bottom teeth. It comes in a lower concentration than the solution dentists use, and is therefore a cheaper option that provides modest results over a longer period of time.

Laser Zoom! bleaching is intended for those looking for rapid, noticeable improvement in their coloration. These appointments typically take only an hour and lead to immediate results. While laser bleaching is typically more expensive than simple bleaching gel, the effects last longer and are less likely to be reversed over time, meaning you won’t have to whiten your teeth again for quite a while. If you’re interested in teeth whitening, you should discuss the available options with your dentist.

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This is a quick, noninvasive treatment for people suffering from gaps, discoloration, chips, and more—often similar issues to those addressed with porcelain veneers. Tooth bonding can make your teeth white, natural-looking, and aesthetically pleasing for, on average, 5-7 years. It often smooths any unsightly gaps between teeth to produce a more cohesive smile.

Tooth bonding works by applying a tooth-colored resin using a curing light and strong adhesives. Like porcelain veneers, the material used in tooth bonding is designed to be white, so undergoing tooth whitening treatment along with tooth bonding is a great option for those looking for a better smile.

One of the main advantages of tooth bonding is that it can be performed in a single visit, and is often less expensive than the other options in cosmetic dentistry. It also typically doesn’t require anesthesia, making it a less invasive procedure.

However, the material used in tooth bonding is weaker than enamel and ceramic, so it’s more prone to stains and more likely to be chipped. Therefore, dentists usually recommend tooth bonding to those looking for minor or temporary adjustments rather than those looking for substantial changes.

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Modern dental crowns can flawlessly imitate natural teeth and last for years. While they are often used to strengthen damaged teeth, they can also cause improvements in other areas such as shape, appearance, and alignment.

Some other procedures common in cosmetic dentistry include dental implants, Invisalign, and dental makeovers. None of these is right for everyone or every situation, so it’s important to know the pros and cons of each choice. Your dentist can discuss the types of treatment available and recommend the method best suited to you and your specific needs

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Porcelain veneers are intended for those with rotated, dull, chipped, or gapped teeth. Compared to the other options for these conditions, veneers are more durable, more realistic, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Another benefit of this treatment is its brevity—most patients can have their shape, alignment, and tooth size adjusted to their liking in two visits a week apart. Your dentist should be able to make any custom alterations you want in order to ensure that your smile is yours.

Porcelain veneers also make your teeth look white and radiant, so they can be combined with a general whitening treatment to improve the quality (and consistency) of your smile. Compared to some of the other options, veneers are more stain resistant and less likely to be worn down or damaged.

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I have been a patient of this practice for several years and cannot say enough great things! Though I typically see Dr. Spangler, all three doctors are extremely knowledgable, thorough and attentive to detail. The staff as a whole combines professionalism with genuine concern for the patient to provide individualized care. Scheduling or being seen in a timely manner has never been an issue as the administrative staff members are kind, caring and extremely helpful! I recommend this office to all of my friends-- my family members are already patients 🙂

Brianna Robinson

My daughters and I went for a new client appointment today and were thrilled with their staff and level of service provided. Would highly recommend their office to anyone looking for top quality dental service.

Angie Mauldin

Absolutely fantastic dental practice - I have been a patient of Dr. Leal's for years and have received top notch dental care. The business side of the practice is great too. I could not be more pleased with my total care - dentists, hygienists and office staff. They genuinely care about me, are very respectful and have always run on time for my appointments.

Will Miller


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